Excellence made in Italy

Everyone knows that the finest Italian cuisine can be very sophisticated but also simple, as long as the quality of the ingredients is exceptional.
What not many people knows, is that 60% of the cosmetics produced worldwide, are produced in Italy.

Organic cosmetics made in Italy are of the finest quality, because of the quality of the botanical ingredients, and the traditional and innovative expertise in the production. The very same cosmetic labs where the most luxurious brands are produced, are also producing with very similar quality, for internal Italian brands. We would like you to try some of these amazing products and see how the highest quality of clean skincare is really all about the quality of the ingredients. Under the strict EU regulations, vegan and cruelty free, each bimonthly box contains everything you need for your skincare routine, face and body. Get the 6 months program and switch completely to clean organic skincare made in Italy, your skin will be less dull, more nourished and healthy.